Srivatsa YB

Srivatsa YB


I studied computer engineering and like almost every other young Bangalorean then, I worked in IT after graduation. Following this routine path, I worked in Wipro for 2 years & Bosch for 8 years, coding for cars and building logistics apps.

But since my school days, I felt compelled to be aware of what was happening in the country- the actions of the Govt., the politics & the parties. Around the late 90s, when the BJP came to power under (Prime Minister) Vajpayee, it felt as if the country was heading in the wrong direction, becoming more polarised; more communal. That really shook my liberal outlook, which came in part from reading about Nehru from a very young age. His writings, his politics & policies have always really inspired me.

So around 2004-05, I became a member of Congress Party’s youth wing. But for a long time, I got busy with my professional life and didn’t really do anything. Also because I had no background in politics, I didn’t know how to navigate the field. It was in 2009 that I started becoming very active on social media and was able to support the Congress more visibly. Building a network with other supporters, I latched on to social media platforms to voice my opinions. I continued with my professional life though and had not entered into active politics.

That was till Modi announced his prime ministerial ambitions. Everything changed then. Even though I was in a successful career and well-paying job, I felt it was time to take the leap and enter active politics. I was looking for an opportunity to serve. So when the Congress came into power in Karnataka, I became very active. The party had started realising that they did not have a powerful presence on social media and we are unable to compete with BJP propaganda. And so, along with a few others, I started organising Congress supporters & creating social media networks to help the party. Senior leaders like Digvijay Singh ji, DK Shivakumar sir, Siddaramaiah sir and Dinesh Gundu Rao sir officially put together a social media unit in Karnataka and I was asked to head it. That’s when I quit my job, joined the party full time & finally took the plunge in politics.

Today, many feel India has become a RSS laboratory where people’s liberties are curtailed and rights suppressed. But I am very optimistic about India’s future. In fact, I feel that anti-incumbency against BJP is finally picking up. They have delivered on nothing & are pushing India towards an oligarchy where a few powerful people control our economy. The CAA protests, mishandling of the Corona pandemic and the condition of the economy attest to that. Since the last few months, a lot of young people have contacted me saying that this Govt has to be defeated and they are willing to volunteer for it. That is a clear sign of the tide turning.

The Govt. will now create more distractions & impose UAPA on dissenting voices, but therein lies the opportunity for INC to up its game and regain the trust of the people who were wooed by the BJP. I would like to ask the youth of India- what is the kind of India do you want to see in the future? An India where there is strife, division and hatred, or a country that is peaceful, progressive and moves forward with a robust economy and better standard of living? That’s the choice all Indians, especially the Youth have to make.

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